Six Page Scripts - Roles

Six Page Scripts

  • Wedding *Video* Crashers - Thomas Manning in "The Innovatographers" by Edward McEananey

  • 'Tis How It Be Sometimes - Woodrow & Vizier in "Divorce by Combat" by Carl Huebner

  • Jason's Successful Clone - Jim in "Where Are They Now" by Vera and Neda Djordjevich

  • Chicken Scratch Sam - Chad Thanksgiving in "Pet Crimes Unit" by Sam Brillhart

  • Proxy Lady - Herbert in "Love LTD" by Ana Lee Holofski

  • *Not* Bitter Alibi - Franco in "The Alibi" by David Chrzanowski

  • Messin' With Sixsquatch - Mr. Bryson in "Finding Bigfoot" by Justina Macneil

  • Looking for Nits to Pick - Clerk & Vendor in the Script "Year of the Horse" by Brandon Carbaugh

  • Masterclass Series Part 4 - Andrew in "Not My Emergency" by Matt Conlin